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FreeSpeak Wireless Systems

FreeSpeak Wireless is a multi-channel range of digital wireless products that offer a broad array of solutions across three wireless bands, 1.9 GHz, 2.4 GHz, and 5 GHz, as well as third-party Dante devices. After years of field experience and refinement, FreeSpeak has become the de facto standard for wireless intercom operation across various markets. The exceptional RF performance and reliable connections across the system gives users the peace of mind they need for staying connected at every major event, programming, stage performance, critical or mass area operation.

Product Family

Complete your FreeSpeak Wireless Systems with our suite of products.

Why Choose FreeSpeak?

IP Connectivity

With the addition of the FreeSpeak Edge Base Station, users now have extensive connectivity to a wide range of 十大正规体育平台 endpoints with support for both FreeSpeak Edge and FreeSpeak II systems along with third-party Dante devices.

Intercom Your Way

With FreeSpeak, you have many options with the way you choose to configure, deploy, operate, integrate and use the system and its components. Do you need to operate in 1.9GHz, 2.4GHz, 5GHz or a combination of each? Want a standalone system or as a matrix intercom integration? Use it for point-to-point and/or partyline communication? Connect over CAT5 or Fiber or over IP? Configure it completely from the base station or on the browser-based Core Configuration Tool? You make the decisions, and we deliver the solution.

Scanner Mode

The FreeSpeak Edge Scanner Mode allows you to quickly scan for available channels within the 5 GHz band. Built into the beltpack itself, the RF Scanner works to avoid channels in use by other devices. The Mode then provides channels for communication which keep the system free of any Wi-Fi interference.

Stay Connected Everywhere

Reliable and flexible cellular roaming technology keeps your users connected and moving freely across an expansive space. Transceivers can be positioned away from the base station or matrix over CAT5 or over a fiber connection. Each Transceiver can create a coverage zone between 300 ft – 500 ft (indoors) or between 800 ft – 1500 ft (outdoor). Up to 10 Transceivers can be strategically placed to create a wide coverage area.

Sports Arena

For smaller sports arenas used for basketball, hockey or concerts, it isn’t necessary to have a large number of system endpoints for a given production. The FreeSpeak Edge Base Station provides the versatility of employing multiple bands of wireless capability along with legacy 2 and 4-wire connections. Additionally, the base station provides connection capability to both Dante and AES67 devices through the Dante Controller. Adding 3rd party devices to the existing intercom mix makes the FreeSpeak Edge Base an incredibly flexible tool all within a 1RU box. Featured FreeSpeak Edge Products: FSE-BP50 FSE-TCVR-50 FreeSpeak Edge Base Other Featured Products: FSII-BP19 MS-702

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Larger Performance Theater

The cavernous facilities and layered decks and balconies found in Performance Art Centers and Operas create a perfect communication scenario for 十大正规体育平台’s FreeSpeak Edge system. The reflection of the audio signal off the odd angles common to these large performance facilities enables precise, low-latent audio communication throughout the center. Featured FreeSpeak Edge Products: FSE-BP50 FSE-TCVR-50-IP Other Featured Products: Eclipse HX-Delta E-IPA-HX LQ-2W2

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Hyperbaric Chamber

Hyperbaric oxygen treatment sessions can last from 30 mins to two hours. Staff inside and outside the chamber need to be in constant contact so either can be advised of any adverse or emergency scenarios. Specialized hyperbaric FreeSpeak II beltpacks function at up to 75 psi. Staff can communicate to and from any end-point within the FreeSpeak system. Featured FreeSpeak II Products: FSII-BASE-II FSII-SPL FSII-BP19-O2 FSII-BP24-O2 FSII-TCVR-19 FSII-TCVR-24 Other Featured Products: KB-701

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